Self-Actualization for Men
The Masculine Underground Symposium was our first event in New York City. 
It was a secret invite-only event where 50 men learned from 6 instructors.

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A publication for men who still have brains and balls. 
It's not an easy time to be an actualized man.

We live in an era where it's normal to live in mediocrity. It's become the norm to be bombarded by notifications you don't care about, to have your attention and mojo drained, to live at half-mast.

But it doesn't have to stay that way.

Masculine Undeground is a movement for men to achieve excellence in every area of their lives. We are a rapidly growing community helping men live up to their potential.

We focus specifically on:
{Sexual} Health
Your body is the most concrete aspect of you. It's the most direct way to improve yourself and love yourself.

Sexual health in particular is often overlooked in it's importance for well-being and life performance.
Relationships & Dating
We are social animals and to self-actualize we need harmonious and pleasurable relationships with other humans.

Your social, romantic, and familial relationships all correlate with your psychological well-being.
Creativity is ultimate function of the mind (and perhaps soul). Most forms of spirituality is simply a model for allowing your true self to come out.

Your emotional well-being, attractiveness, and ability to serve the world all comes from your self-expression.
Wealth & Purpose
If you live in society, then you need money to survive and thrive in the material world.

More importantly, much of a man's self-esteem and fortitude is tied to his relationship to 'Work'-- how he creates value in the world. 
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Chirag S.
CoFound Of

Dear Friend,

Are you living up to your potential?

Sadly, most men are not. Most men aren't even living up to half of what they are capable of when it comes to career or relationships.

Most men are depleted... and they aren't even aware of it.

That's because it's become so normal to be mediocre. It's become so normal live at half-mast.

Every day you are bombarded with invitations to drain your attention and vitality: advertising, social media, "entertainment" that really just numbs you out. (I'm not even talking about porn...)

On top of all that we have a confused cultural narrative about what masculinity is. Men are afraid to own their desire. Men are afraid to be the leaders, the lovers, and creators they were meant to be.

The world needs solid men in power. 

I'm Ruwan, one of the founding members of Masculine Underground. We're a movement to help men get their power back. 

Power = The Ability to Make Change in the World.

We help men access their ability to make change by focusing on 4 things:

1. Sexual Health. Nature instilled in you a natural drive to create. It doesn't matter what your sexual orientation is. That visceral drive is the root of your creative force.  

2. Relationships. Humans are social beings. Men are meant to be social beings. How you relate to others, whether sexually, romantically, in family or business reflects the health of your psyche. We work on relationships to work on ourselves. To be an effective leader, one must understand how to relate.

3. Self-Expression. In order to serve the world you need to be able to 

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